Google AdWords has been seriously growing in popularity in the past 3 years. Consumers have consistently shown that they like the AdWords listing’s that are presented to them. This improvement in the consumer interaction with the pay-per-click listings has increased competition among businesses and resulted in higher customer acquisition costs. There are still many opportunities with PPC advertising and a consultant might be the best solution to ensure that you are getting the maximum return on your investment.

What does an AdWords Manager do?
An AdWords manager monitors your campaigns, ad groups and ad copies every day to ensure that’s everything is running optimal.

An experienced PPC manager can often find complex inefficiencies that are very common among do-it-yourself AdWords accounts.

Setting up an efficient PPC campaign is actually harder than most people think. If you don’t set the foundation of your account right, you can over pay for each click burn your daily budget sooner.

Some of the common mistakes on my clients AdWords accounts have been casting the net too wide and showing your ads for search queries that are unrelated or not as valuable to your core business. You can also run into a lot of issues by tracking the wrong conversions and having poor user experiences once they land on your page.

An AdWords manager’s duty is to stretch your advertising budget to reach more qualified customers.

In Toronto, AdWords is a popular tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. The market seems to be growing and both consumers and businesses seem to be growing their interactions with PPC listing’s.

The common myth is that you should only choose between SEO or PPC. This is totally wrong and is the opposite what I recommend to most of my clients.

AdWords is greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with SEO for the following reasons:
● It provides more data in less time
● You can run experiments and test different keywords before implementing them in your SEO
● Google Analytics and Google AdWords are very easily linked together and the data overlap paints a great picture of your online marketing
● The PPC can actually help generate SEO and content ideas
● Allowing to reach more customers by occupying more of the first page search results

Marketing is a numbers game and the more places and opportunities you find attract customers is almost always a winner. A common misconception is that AdWords is an expense. No, it’s an investment that if done right can actually make you more money.

The people who usually consider AdWords an expense are the business owners who didn’t setup their AdWords right or did not track conversions to see how much money they actually made.

Our clients sleep easy at night knowing the exact Cost-per-conversion and how much it costs them to get a new customer with AdWords. They can then make educated decisions based on how profitable their investment is and if they would like to increase or decrease their re-investment.

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